Kansas Just Got Its First Pit Bull Police Dog And He’s Already Made His First Drug Bust

Kano was rescued and put through the Universal K9 training program. Universal K9 rescues Pit Bulls that await adoption or euthanasia in an animal shelter and train them for police work. It was almost like second nature, the smart pooch immediately took to all of the courses.

“Anyone who watches him work can and will see the drive this dog has, not only that but how incredible these dogs are,” the department posted on Facebook.

“If they were this vicious great bite dogs wouldn’t the police want them on the force?” operations director at Universal K9, Brad Croft, said. “They are no good at it. They are no good at taking people down. But I will tell you what they are damn good at, (drug) detection.”

police dog

As of today, there are now 52 Universal K9s that are patrolling our streets and keeping drugs out of our communities.

“They are there kicking butts and taking names,” Croft said. He said pit bulls usually outwork other breeds during training – as did Kano.

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