Junkyard Dog Is Always Terrified Of Getting Hit, Then Family Shows Her What Love Is

It’s really amazing to see the miracles that come from love and compassion. The traces of even the worst abuse are hardly visible when people take the time to be kind to unfortunate animals.

A dog who grew up in a junkyard has learned to love and trust people, thanks to a kind couple who took a chance on her. She was not an easy case but that only motivated them to do their best.

Fern was a junkyard dog. She had a heavy chain tied around her and was left at the junkyard 24/7.

Thankfully, she was rescued and went to a good family, a couple, who did not give up on her. Abuse really did a number on her character.

Fernie was terrified of everything, especially loud noises. When her parents are cleaning a pot or something drops, Fern flinches like she’s expecting to get hit.

Such behavior really says a lot about how she was treated in the junkyard. She was probably inflicted not only physical but emotional pains.

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