Internet Applauds Polite Puppy Who Tried To Clean Up Own Pee With Toilet Paper

A Pit bull puppy earns the respect and adoration of people all over the world. How? By trying to clean up after his own pee!

Dogs are black belts at creating a mess, but a great deal of them have no idea how to fix their mess. Therefore, dog shaming is such a popular today.

But this pup named Pablo is in a league of his own. 21-year-old Acelin Hamptom left his pup Pablo in a friend’s care. When he came back, he saw a mount of toilet paper on the bathroom floor.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that Pablo tried to wipe his own pee with toilet paper. Hampton was so impressed and surprised, he took a photo and shared it on Twitter.

Hampton captioned that he “really can’t even whoop [Pablo’s] ass for this one.” After all, he tried. Turn to the next page for more!

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