HORRIBLY Abused Dog Treated To The Best Day Ever!

There are a lot of bad people in this world who do some pretty terrible things to dogs (and animals in general). And we don’t know exactly why they do them for the most part which makes it even more scary.

Last July a beautiful pit-mix named Caitlyn was found by the Charleston Animal Society. When she was discovered it was about as bad as you could ever imagine abuse could be. Her owner had wrapped her mouth in electrical tape and left it there for at least 24 hours.

The tape was wound so tight her entire nose swelled and they weren’t sure they would be able to save the tissue. Her tongue had turned black and she had been unable to eat or drink.

These people are cruel at heart and seem to be incapable of caring for anything but themselves. These are the people who commit crimes, beat their families and basically treat the rest of the world like their own personal garbage pit.

Most times when watching the news at night you hear these stories. You see these people and wonder how they could ever do such things. This is ESPECIALLY true for me when I see stories about dog abuse.

I see these innocent dogs subjected to this evil and it’s just shocking! How could anyone tie a dog up and leave them there to die? Or beat them for barking or any other of the horrific things these terrible people do.

I cry every time I see an update for those dogs when they are happy and wagging their tails in an amazing show of spirit. Continue reading on the next page to WATCH one story of one of the worst abuse cases imaginable and the surprise waiting for the pup at the end!! Warning: you will need tissues!!

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