Runaway Pit Bull Comes Home Healthy And Fed, Then Owner Sees Who’s Been Taking Care Of Her

When Alexis Moraza’s Pit bull Marilyn ran away from home six months ago, she never expected to receive a call. She thought she was gone forever.

But six months later, the police rang her with good news. They found her missing dog!

Moraza has had Marilyn as a pup, since she was 8 weeks old. They’ve been together since the very start.

So when Marilyn went missing half a year ago, her heart sank. She was struck with grief upon losing her dog. It’s like she lost a child.

But lucky for Moraza, Marilyn was never alone all those time. A homeless man took in her dog.

The police spotted Marilyn wandering the street with said homeless man. The two have been living in an abandoned parking lot.

Although the man could barely keep himself fed, he made sure Marilyn was happy and healthy! It baffled the police who found Marilyn how his homeless caretaker managed to secure adequate food and water.

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