Police Found Paw Sticking Out Of Abandoned Suit Case. Their Hearts Broke When They Saw What’s Inside

Sometimes, it feels like there’s just no end to animal cruelty. Thankfully, there are those who do not turn a blind eye.

A pup named Ollie did not have the best start in life. He was found hurt in the saddest way possible–inside an abandoned suitcase.

When Hollywood police found the suitcase, they were not ready for what they were going to see next. They thought they saw a paw sticking out of the suit case…and they were right.

Upon opening, they found Ollie bleeding all over the place.

They said heard a cry in the area around 1am and decided to look where the it was coming from. That’s how they came upon the suitcase.

It’s not just the way the dog was abandoned that will make anyone’s heart sink, it’s also the condition he was found in. He suffered lacerations and stab wounds all over his head and body.

Ollie fought to stay alive. Naturally, his will to survive touched so many across the United States. Offer to adopt him came all the way from California and Washington. Turn to the next page to see more.

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