Firefighters Put Out Fire And Discover Gruesome Scene Of This Poor Pit Bull!!

My husband always unplugs our toaster oven and coffee maker and anything else he thinks might start a fire while we are away from the house. He does this for many reasons but the main one? We have dogs.

That’s right, dogs. The fear of accidentally burning the house down while our most precious and beloved pets are inside is too much to think about. Their lives are in our hands so we take every precaution to keep them happy and safe.

But what if someone else deliberately set your house on fire?! What if unsuspecting someone came and threw gasoline all over your home and lit it on fire? It’s the stuff of nightmares and it was an actuality for one household in Dallas.

Trapped inside the house, firefighters would soon come to find would be a helpless pit bull along with her puppy. She found them at the backdoor while they were putting the fire out. She was asking for help, asking to be rescued.

If the home burning down around this poor dog wasn’t bad enough, what firefighters would soon find is something out of a horror show. Continue to the next page to SEE the grisly scene that would unfold from the fire!!

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