Family Takes Home Newborn Baby. Pit Bull Becomes The Best Nanny They Could Ever Ask For!

Pit bulls were once known as nanny dogs, and it wasn’t a fluke title. Before they were overbred to fight, they were fierce protectors of babies and young children.

It’s dog fighting that put a stigma on this wonderful breed.

But the Pit bull breed’s love for children is not gone forever. Those of them who are lucky to find a family who loves and trust them can show you that they are wonderful dogs who are gravely misunderstood.

Gemma, a Pit bull, is a very good example of how amazing Pit bulls can be for the family when raised properly. She instantly made a connection with the new born baby mom brought home from the hospital.

She knew immediately that Elliot is her best friend, and she will protect him no matter what. The two are inseparable!

In return, Elliot loves Gemma and will do anything for her. It’s mutual love.

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