Family Can’t Stop Fostering Pit Bulls After Adopting One

Pit bulls do not get a lot of love. When they end up in a shelter, they are always last to get adopted. People think they are naturally aggressive, and that they have to go once you have children.

That’s why what this Fresno family is doing for Pit bulls is so important. They can’t stop fostering them, which couldn’t come at a better time for the breed.

It all started when they adopted their first Pittie. They fell in love hard and now have 30 in their care!

Noelani and her husband’s obsession with fostering Pit bulls started when they adopted their very own Pittie Indica. She changed their lives.

The couple was at a crossroads, call it a personal crisis if you will. Noelani, in particular, did not know what to do with her life.

”I was at a really really weird time in my life where I just …I didn’t know what do. She kinda taught me to enjoy the simple things in life.

”She made me fall in love with the breed.” Go to the next page for more of this family fostering Pit bulls.

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