Why Do Dogs Paw And Scratch At Their Beds?

Next reason? Marking their territory. Dogs, like wolves, have glands on the bottom of their paws. The gland secretes pheromones that spread their scent. This is much like kicking up the dirt after they use the restroom. But, this might not always be the case.

“Some people think that dogs are mainly spreading scent on those areas and establishing territory,” Stelow said. “I would think this is more true of scratching or pawing on hard flooring, as the ‘digging the nest-hole’ theory has less credence on tile or wood.”


Another reason your dog might paw and scratch at their bed is simply to investigate. There could be a strange or interesting scent that they smell on their bed, or perhaps something makes a funny sound.

“Some dogs will dig at the floor or a wall if they sense rodents or other animals living in crawl spaces in the house. This is uncommon, but I’ve seen cases of it,” Stelow explained. “The odor of dropped food or other interesting scents in the flooring or furniture may also elicit scratching/pawing/digging to find the source.”


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