Dog Sat On Curb In Freezing Cold, Waiting For Family Who Are Never Coming Back

Some people are downright unbelievable. I get that shelters exist because there are people who genuinely could not care for their dogs anymore. BUT other times, people are just jerks.

As a dog lover and owner, I don’t get how so many dogs end up shelter every year. I love my dogs to the moon and back. I will never abandon them.

And if an unprecedented circumstance will push me to have to part with my dogs, I will ensure their safety. I will cross seven mountains by foot if I have to in order to find them a forever home.

However, not all dog owners feel that way. Ollie, a Pit bull and Labrador mix, was thrown away like trash—literally!

Ollie was skin and bones. He had broken femur too. Instead of taking him to the vet, he was left waiting for a family who are never coming back!

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