Dog Left Tied To A Tree For Weeks Surprises Everyone With What She’s Been Hiding!

It is sad that Pit bulls are stereotyped as aggressive and mean dogs. Those who have owned and really know the breed can attest to how loving and loyal they can be.

Thanks to these deadly stereotypes, Lara, a Pit bull mix, was left tied to a tree in the woods in Greece. The villagers have been ignoring her.

As a consequence, Lara had to suffer 10 days without food or water. What’s more is that she had a secret she was guarding all that time.

No wanted to help her because they are terrified of the breed that she is. Eventually, one of the townspeople called animal control to help Lara.

As it turns out, Lara was pregnant when her former owner abandoned her in the woods. She gave birth to four wonderful puppies in the horrid condition she was in.

Imagine breastfeeding puppies in that situation –no food, no water, no shelter. The abandonment eventually took its toll as one of Lara’s puppies, the smallest of the litter, did not make it.

It was nothing short of a miracle that Lara survived in the woods alone, let alone with three puppies to fend for. She is such a wonderful dog. Turn to the next page.

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