Dog Abandoned Outside Cat Shelter With His Belongings Finally Goes Home!

People who work in shelter are no strangers to pets left at their door step. It’s the job, and it is a hard one. However, Maggie Morris of  Project Purr Animal Rescue was not quite prepared for what she was about to witness in the parking lot of her shelter one fine day.

A poor Pit bull was strapped to a pole behind the facility. His bed and bowl are with him, along with a a small bag of dog food.

“My initial reaction was, ‘Where was I going to keep the dog?’” Morris told The Dodo. “I felt bad for the dog being left behind. I believe the person who left him really couldn’t keep him, but wanted him to get help. He was well-fed.”

It was unwise for Morris to take in the dog, who would later be named Ranger. After all, they were a cat shelter with about a hundred kitties in their care.

“We took some heat for not bringing the dog into our building, but we seriously have 90 to 100 free-range kitties and nowhere for a dog to go,” Morris said.

But she did not turn him away. Instead, she took photos of Ranger and posted them on Facebook to garner support!

Then, she made arrangements for Ranger to be transferred to the city shelter, and the shelter workers promised to take care of him. Go to the next page for more!

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