Dog Became Deformed After Being Caged For Two Years –Now He’s Finally Free

Dogs have ”denning” instincts, which means they occasionally love stay in their crates, hide in tight spots or cover themselves in blanket to feel secure and comfortable. Although they are not entirely den animals because they spend most of their time outdoor,  or would rather to, they do enjoy some time in their own private space.

Many dog owners use crates to give their dog their own personal space and to prevent damage around the house. Depending on the owner, dogs could also see crates as a form of punishment.

Regardless of how a dog views his crate, they should not stay inside one for a long time. To put a dog inside a crate for more than a few hours is cruel.

Landis, a Pit bull, spent two grueling years inside a crate. It was too small for him that he dwarfed and his legs folded!

It was cruelty beyond words. No dog should ever spend his life in such an uncomfortable place.

His owner placed him in a crate that was too small for him as a puppy. It was to prevent damage, it seems like.

When Landis grew–his legs folded and he dwarfed–they determined that it’s rather convenient to leave him in the cage. Turn to the next page!

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