Deaf Puppy Abandoned After Suffering From THOUSANDS Of Bee Stings

As if being a deaf puppy isn’t bad enough, this unhearing Pit bull puppy is really down on his luck after getting abandoned. Why? Because he got stung by BEES.

And by bees, I don’t mean five or ten bees. The poor pup fell victim to THOUSANDS of bee stings!

Ironically named Stinger, the 10-month-old pup was rushed to the vet by his family right after he was stung. However, they couldn’t afford his medical bills and decided to just leave them there.

Most dogs in this horrible situation would be euthanized. The combination of having no family, no funds and suffering from severe allergic reaction warrants the needle of death.

Thankfully, an organization called Carri has not given up on Stinger. Turn to the next page to see the rest of the deaf Pit bull’s story.

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