Deaf Pit Bull Found Covered In Cigarette Burns Finds New Lease On Life

We hate stories of animal abuse just as much as you do – it makes us all sick to our stomachs. How can anyone want to hurt a sweet animal? Especially a dog! Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality that does happen. But thankfully – this story has a happy ending!

A sweet dog named Azog is a beautiful ivory colored Pit Bull mix. She also happens to be deaf. Sadly – she ended up in a horribly abusive situation where her owners left scars and cigarette burns all over her body.

To even add more tragedy to this sweet girl’s story – Azog had even recently lost her entire litter. We’re unsure of how that happened but we can’t imagine the anguish she felt.

But rescuers found her and were able to remove her from this nightmare – she was taken the vet to be loved and healed. She was happy to be in safe hands.

Ten months later – Azog’s life was completely different and you won’t believe the emotional and physical transformation Azog has made. It’s amazing what a little love can do for the soul!

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