Crazy In Love Chihuahua And Pit Bull Have Major Kissing Session And Don’t Care Who Sees!

Our Pack, Inc is a non-profit rescue and training organization. They are seriously lucky because they get to hang out with tons of adorable and grateful dogs all day.

The video on the next page is crazy cute. A pile of dogs are chilling on the couch and two of them are completely in love with each other.

They’re so much in love – they literally do not care who sees them making out uncontrollably in the dog pile mix. So hilarious.

The whole video is so great because it’s not just that these two dogs are going kanoodling on the couch but that there’s SO many other dogs that are just like…”whatever.”

You have got to see this hilarious moment caught on video. Dogs truly never cease to amaze and entertain. Am I right?

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