Pit Bull Sprung To Action As Coyotes Had Family Cat By The Neck

Jack was there just in time and was able to rescue his dearest friend Kitty. He’s now her guardian angel all the time and never leaves her side. So incredible.

This precious Pit Bull now stands guard outside and watches for any coyotes that might come back to try that again. I doubt they will – Jack is pretty serious about it.

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amazing animals protect there own. Jack is a Hero and deserves a Hero’s award and yummy meal. Plus it is so good to hear of other people who love there animals like kids. Thank you for being a amazing care givers.


Someone has to see about the people who do the transcripts for these videos. They don’t make sense half the time. They’re obviously done by non-English speaking people. Fix it! It’s maddening.

Sharon Dee

Please please please ….cats indoors only, unless on a leash. Just like dogs…we lose all of our outdoor neighborhood kitties and small dogs to coyotes…as we take over more and more of the wild habitat, we will see more and more wild creatures in our neighborhoods looking for easy prey. I LIVE IN Bloomington MN…if you want to Google about our problems here.


First – thanks to your son for his service. Glad both of your pets are ok.


What a nice reply. Your kindness made my day.

Marion Genia

Nice to see good story about pit bull. Tired of ppl blaming the dog. When its the ppls fault


Glad kitty is ok thanks to Jack! I too, wish people wouldn’t let their cats outside. My kitty was an indoor/outdoor for the first 6 years of her life. Transitioning her to be indoors only was hard in the beginning but thankfully I am more willful than her. She’s been a total indoor cat for 5 years now and very happy. And alive and well.


Dogs protect ALL family members. They know what’s going on, I can’t believe there are still people out there who don’t understand dogs nature and abilities. I feel sorry for the people who don’t own a dog ❤️