Couple Suddenly Lost Their Dog. One Month Later, 2 Sweet Dogs Walked Into Shelter

Watching a dog pass away is one of the hardest thing a doting dog owner would have to go through. But there’s a special kind of pain to losing your dog without a warning. It is absolutely devastating.

Kari Ceicys and her husband, Ian are totally devoted to their dog Sadie. They loved her so much they built their home around having her. She completed their life.

“My husband rescued her after she was dumped with her litter in New Orleans,” Ceicys told The Dodo. “She had severe injuries suggesting she was used as a bait dog. She was the sweetest soul and we essentially built our house around having a dog.”

One day, while they playing fetch, Sadie suddenly could not catch her breath. They took her to the vet, and there they discovered she had a massive tumor on her chest. Before they could schedule an operation, poor Sadie passed.

One month later, Second Chance Rescuer NYC took in 2 emaciated but really sweet dogs abandoned by their owner. Despite the rough life they led, they took the shelter by surprise by their sweet demeanor. They absolutely loved each other and are often caught curling up together, making each other feel safe.

“After seeing their pictures, we raced to get them out of there,” SCR wrote on Facebook. “When they arrived at our vet partner, we were horrified at their condition but yet shocked at how friendly and loving they both were despite their obvious neglect.”

The sweet dogs, later on named Rita and Dexter, spent sometime at the vet. Meanwhile, the shelter had been sharing their photos and story on social media in hopes that someone would take them home. Go to the next page for more!

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