Cats Adopt Pit Bull Puppy After His Own Mother Tried To Eat Him

Cruel things happen in this world—to both humans and animals. They aren’t always necessarily brought by people who try to do harm; sometimes, nature just takes it’s course.

Nicolas, a Pit bull puppy, was born in a litter of eight. His mother was a stray.

He was taken away from his mother at a young age. And while that might sound cruel at first, it is for a good reason.

Nicolas was born to an unstable mother–so unstable she tried to consume her own puppies. She had already eaten three of her pups and Nicolas was supposed about to be fourth..

Thankfully –Ale Oliviera– a kind passersby, interfered and took Nicolas away from her mom. However, his mom had already bit off one of his paws.

Sure, the poor Pit bull pup will be disabled for the rest of his life but at least he is alive and off the streets.

Meanwhile, Oliviera already has five cats and five dogs in her care. Add Nicolas to that and that makes for a new total of six dogs. Turn to the next page for more.

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