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pit bull snake

Pit bull Saves Three Children From Venomous Snake That Snuck Inside The House

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier is hailed a hero after he saved three children from a venomous snake. The snake snuck inside the house after the family left a screen door open. It’s hard to imagine what could have happened to Brendan, 7, Jared, 6, and Sarah, 3 if it weren’t for their trusty dog Zena. […]

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Pit Bull Ban

New Montreal Law Puts City’s Pit Bulls On Death Row

Heartbreaking news came from Canada last week when the city of Montreal announced a new legislation that has passed. The legislation bans all Pit Bulls and Pit Bull “types” of dogs from their city. Appallingly, the legislation was voted 37 to 23 in favor of the new law. Furthermore, it outlaws all dogs that resemble […]

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Cat Shows INCREDIBLE Patience With Very Hyper Pit Bull – SO Cute!

A household that has multiple animals is usually always a very entertaining and humorous household. Do you happen to have one of these families? Or maybe know someone that does? If you do – you’ll definitely be able to relate to the video you’re about to watch. It’s classic dog and cat bantering! We’re so […]

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American-Pitbull-Photos-and-Facts 04

One Tiny Puppy VS One VERY Big Pitbull In Tug Of War. CUTE!

We adopted our rescue pit from a high kill shelter one year during the holidays. He’s his own special type of dog and despite rumors he is the sweetest. Someone had dumped him off in a ditch as a puppy leaving him to die when he was picked up by the pound. People had said […]

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Parents Touched When Pit Bull Welcomes New Baby Into The Family

We have a Pit Bull mix we rescued from a high-kill shelter when he was 6 months old. He was dumped off in a ditch like garbage. When people meet him they sometimes look a little scared of him. Like just because he has a Pit Bull face he must be a monster. Something that […]

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