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Kansas Just Got Its First Pit Bull Police Dog And He’s Already Made His First Drug Bust

The Strafford Police Department in the state of Kansas recently employed it’s very first Pit Bull police dog. Meet Kano, a full-blooded red-nose Pittie with two different colored eyes — one brown, one blue. The police department named him Kano after a Mortal Kombat character and he is trained in sniffing out narcotics. Kano can […]

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Police Ditching Pricey Dog Breeds And Training Unloved Pit Bulls To Be K9s

Pit bulls have been making headlines in the recent years for negative reasons. Dubbed as aggressive, vicious and unsuitable to be pets, Pit bulls are on the hot seat for things they have no control over. Although there are many animals lovers who defend this wonderful breed, there’s just no end to the communities and […]

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Family Takes Home Newborn Baby. Pit Bull Becomes The Best Nanny They Could Ever Ask For!

Pit bulls were once known as nanny dogs, and it wasn’t a fluke title. Before they were overbred to fight, they were fierce protectors of babies and young children. It’s dog fighting that put a stigma on this wonderful breed. But the Pit bull breed’s love for children is not gone forever. Those of them […]

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Cute Pit Bull Skillfully Tiptoes Around Sleeping Cat

Pit bulls are stereotyped as aggressive and vicious dogs. However, those who own them and have been around them long enough to know what they’re actually like, can attest to just how wonderful they can be. Redd, a 5-year-old Pit bull, is a sensitive soul. At his foster home, he had to pass a sleeping […]

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Dog Abandoned At Parking Lot Is Now A Proud K9 Officer

A Pit bull who was abandoned at a grocery store parking lot is now saving lives, thanks to AFF (Austin Pets Alive!) and Universal K9′s Detection Dogs Program. There are a lot of challenges that comes with being a Pit bull. A lot of people fear them for their muscular build and looks. It doesn’t help that some […]

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Internet Applauds Polite Puppy Who Tried To Clean Up Own Pee With Toilet Paper

A Pit bull puppy earns the respect and adoration of people all over the world. How? By trying to clean up after his own pee! Dogs are black belts at creating a mess, but a great deal of them have no idea how to fix their mess. Therefore, dog shaming is such a popular today. […]

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Dog Cruises On A Skateboard Like A Total PRO! Absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Dogs are truly amazing creatures. They can be trained to do all sorts of things. And other times? They pick up tricks on their own! Even if they’re a bit clumsy sometimes, they truly are talented animals. What’s even better is when dogs learn how to do things that usually only humans can do! It […]

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Family Trains Pit Bull To Locate Baby, And He Nails It!

People have trained dogs to do different things for thousands of years. Some are trained to help hunters with their game. Some dogs are trained to help people who have certain disabilities. The list goes on. The family in the video you’re about to watch trained their sweet nanny Pit Bull to be a “tracker” […]

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This May Be The Smartest Pit Bull Eve; Knows How To PRAY!

Puppies all need a few things right from the get go in life. Of course love but also basics like food, water, shelter, toys and good basic training. They need structure and things to keep their attention to develop into wonderful well rounded companions. Teaching them things like sit, down, stay and shake give them […]

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The Police Are Looking At Pit Bulls To Do Police Work!

I never heard much growing up about Pit Bulls. We didn’t live in a big city and it was mostly a quiet rural town of Black Labradors and Golden Retrievers. When I was older and moved into the city everyone seemed to have a Pit Bull. I also remember those horrible sad stories about the […]

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