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Abused Pit Bull Bred Over A Dozen Times Finds Happy Ending

An abused Pit bull finds her happily after following an 8-year-long abused. Nana the Pit bull has suffered gravely in the hands of her former owner. Animal abuse is wrong, and it’s hard to fully grasp the full extent of its horridness unless you’re out there on the field doing rescue. I can only imagine […]

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Sad Dog With Stuffed Elephant Wants A Home, Then Angels Grant His Wish

Valentine’s Day should be a day filled with love, but not for Smokey the dog. He was put up for adoption at Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center after his family’s home burned down. Smokey used to be a happy dog, but not after he was given up. He became shy and depressed. Sometimes, […]

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Cuddly Pit Bulls In Pajamas Are Changing Negative Stereotypes About Pitties

Pit bulls are often viewed as crazy aggressive dogs with ‘’locking jaws.’’ These stereotypes are not only negative, they are also downright untrue. But Darren, 6, and Phillip, 5, will definitely change your mind. These Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the cutest, cuddliest and sweetest while sporting pajamas and other super adorbs outfits. The two live […]

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They Rescued An Adorable Pit Bull Mix, Then Noticed He Could Barely See Or Breathe

Right off the bat, odds were stocked against Toby, a sweet Pit bull mix who used to live in the mean streets of South Carolina. At a tender age of 6 months, Toby is the recipient of life-threatening injuries: a damaged eye, crushed nasal passages and missing teeth. As if his injuries weren’t bad enough, he […]

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Pit Bull Gets Adorable New Kitty Sibling And It’s Amazing

When my parents first sat me down and told me that I would be getting a brand new kid brother I definitely had mixed emotions. But that’s probably normal considering I was 5. I had all kinds of different thoughts at first. Well why? Why do they need another one when they have me? I’ll […]

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Deputy Finds Lost And Confused Pit Bull – Takes The Cutest Selfies Together

An Arizona Deputy of Pima County is making people across the world swoon. His actions portray something that we wish we could see in every human on the planet. This is going to melt your heart! Deputy Donald Molchan received a call about a dog in distress. The poor thing was apparently wandering around alone […]

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Woman Survives House Burning To The Ground, Thanks To Pit Bull

Our dogs are our most loyal best friends forever right? They stick with us through thick and thin and when you’re having the worst day of your life there they are to comfort you. And we’ve all seen the classic re-runs of Lassie right? Where the kid falls in a well and his loyal and […]

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Pit Bull’s Journey From Emaciated & Unwanted To Healthy And Loved, Will Make You Cry!

A man named Andy Mills is someone that you should forever hold in your heart. What he did for a sweet Pit Bull who was in grave danger is absolutely astounding. Last fall – an extremely neglected dog showed up at his house. Her ears had been horrifically cropped, she had gravel in her stool […]

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Pit Bull Pup Rescued In A Shed Engulfed By Flames Is Now Saving Lives Too

We all face scary things every day and it’s just something we all live with. And as you get older you come to face the fact it’s a part of life right? Then there are those people who see danger and terrible things and go into them head on. They are the brave men and […]

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Family Steps Up For Paralyzed Puppy No One Wanted

There are many things in this world that are so sad to see. There are homeless people, abused dogs, car accidents and all kinds of terrible things happening all the time. If there’s one thing these events teach us it’s that when it comes to tough times our spirits take over and keep us going. […]

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