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emaciated pit bulls 1

Pit Bull Protects Dying Friend After They Were Dumped Together By Dogfighters

Dogs are the most loyal and loving companions one could ever ask for. Their kindness extends not only to humans, but fellow dogs as well. Officer Russ “Wolf” Harper, cofounder of Justice dog Rescue, arrived at a park just outside Philadelphia to find two emaciated Pit bulls that were abandoned by dog fighters. One of […]

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nicolas 10

Cats Adopt Pit Bull Puppy After His Own Mother Tried To Eat Him

Cruel things happen in this world—to both humans and animals. They aren’t always necessarily brought by people who try to do harm; sometimes, nature just takes it’s course. Nicolas, a Pit bull puppy, was born in a litter of eight. His mother was a stray. He was taken away from his mother at a young […]

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tater tot 3

Pit Bull Tied To A Pole Finds Loving Home And Now Has His Own Patio

When you see Tater Tot now, you would think he’s a spoiled dog who is lucky to be adopted by such a wonderful owner. But you won’t believe the hell he had to go through to get at this point. Tater Tot was found tied to a pole on New Year’s Eve. He was sick, […]

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fearless pit bulls 6

Fearless Pit Bulls Rushed To The Vet After Saving Two Children From Venomous Snake

Two fearless Pit bulls are hailed heroes in their community after saving two children from a venomous snake! The snake had been spotted before and the dogs were apparently on the look out! Pit bulls Paco and Slayer were rushed to the veterinarian after they battled a copperhead snake that was lurking in backyard of […]

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senior pit bull 5

Senior Pit Bull Celebrates His First Birthday Party In The Home He’s Always Dreamed Of

What does every homeless dog want in life? A loving family, of course – whether they realize it or not. Meatball, a senior Pit bull, happily celebrated his first birthday. He is 10 years old, but his family does not want to count all the bad years he spent in the hands of his abusers […]

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ranger 1

Dog Abandoned Outside Cat Shelter With His Belongings Finally Goes Home!

People who work in shelter are no strangers to pets left at their door step. It’s the job, and it is a hard one. However, Maggie Morris of  Project Purr Animal Rescue was not quite prepared for what she was about to witness in the parking lot of her shelter one fine day. A poor Pit […]

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fostering pit bulls 1

Family Can’t Stop Fostering Pit Bulls After Adopting One

Pit bulls do not get a lot of love. When they end up in a shelter, they are always last to get adopted. People think they are naturally aggressive, and that they have to go once you have children. That’s why what this Fresno family is doing for Pit bulls is so important. They can’t […]

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loyal pit bull 5

Loyal Pit Bull Dies While Helping Family Escape House Fire

Dogs are loyal creatures, and they have proven so time and time again. Hemi, a Pit bull mix, is another dog unfortunately gone too soon for trying to save his family from a house fire. A family of four woke up to the barking of their dog around 4:30am in Naples, Maine. And thank goodness […]

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desperate pit bull 2

They Heard Crying From An Abandoned House, Finds Pit Bull Tied Up To Radiator

Each abandoned dog story is a sad one. The way that people leave behind their trusted four-legged fiends is just heart breaking. Such is the case of JD, a Pit Bull who was left abandoned in the worst of ways. When neighbours first heard JD’s barking, they didn’t think much of it. As we all […]

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loving pit bull guinea pig

They Said Loving Pit Bull Might Hurt Guinea Pigs But She Proves Them Wrong

Pit Bulls are probably the one breed that suffer most from racial profiling. People just assume that underneath that rough exterior sits a rough interior to go along with it. Here’s one loving Pit Bull who shows us that it’s often just the opposite that rings true. When Moki, a loving Pit bull was added […]

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