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Abused Pit Bull Puppies Comfort Each Other In The Vet’s Office

Three amazing and adorable Pit Bull puppies were recently rescued from a very abusive and neglectful home. Their names are Chase, Haagen Dazs and Klondike – and they were only 4 months old when rescued. A majority of their short lives had been spent being very sick and extremely weak. Their owner was recently charged […]

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This Pit Bull Sprung To Action As Coyotes Had Family Cat By The Neck

People might as well do away with any negative stereotypes about Pit Bulls. Because this is yet another story of a pit bull dog becoming a true hero. The sweet dogs name is Jack and he is a rescue dog. He also happens to live with a rescue cat named Kitty.  Now, you might immediately assume […]

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Sweet Pit Bull Is So Gentle With This Chicken – The Chicken Couldn’t Be More Grateful

A chicken named Rosie lost her sister named Daisy and her life completely changed. She found it hard to trust anyone or anything. It was going to take a lot of effort to convince her that life could be good again. Crystalyn Corso and her husband love taking care of animals and happened to fall […]

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Pit Bull Ran Over By Train And Lost A Leg — When She’s Reunited With Man Who Saved Her, It’s Magical!

A sweet, brave, and kind Pit Bull is now named Miracle Molly — and for good reason. After defying all odds, this miracle Pittie survived being run over by a train. All thanks to one very special Amtrak officer. A stray dog in Baltimore, Maryland, had wandered into a tunnel without knowing that there was […]

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police dog

Kansas Just Got Its First Pit Bull Police Dog And He’s Already Made His First Drug Bust

The Strafford Police Department in the state of Kansas recently employed it’s very first Pit Bull police dog. Meet Kano, a full-blooded red-nose Pittie with two different colored eyes — one brown, one blue. The police department named him Kano after a Mortal Kombat character and he is trained in sniffing out narcotics. Kano can […]

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Runaway Pit Bull Comes Home Healthy And Fed, Then Owner Sees Who’s Been Taking Care Of Her

When Alexis Moraza’s Pit bull Marilyn ran away from home six months ago, she never expected to receive a call. She thought she was gone forever. But six months later, the police rang her with good news. They found her missing dog! Moraza has had Marilyn as a pup, since she was 8 weeks old. […]

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poor pit bull 1

Police Rescues Pit Bull Who Fell Into River, And Were Stunned To See Who Kept Him Company!

We always turn to our friends in times of distress. Their understanding and company gives us courage and strength to face the adversity that is in front of us. When this Pit bull fell and got lost into a river, his family were unsure how he was going to make it. The dog struggled in […]

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blue king 4

Devastated Pit Bull Has Tears In His Eyes After Family Leaves Him At High-Kill Dog Shelter

Once a dog ends up in a dog shelter, there’s no guarantee of a new home. But imagine being a Pit bull in such a situation–and imagine being a Pit bull dog in a high-kill facility. When a Pittie named Blue King was dropped off at Carson dog shelter by his owners, they pretty much […]

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‘Kill Em, Boy’: Guy Tells Pit Bull To Attack Cops, Dog Decides To Do Something Different Instead

There’s nothing more infuriating than hearing stories of Pit Bulls being raised to be something they’re not — like being attack dogs. But this story you’re about to hear has a little bit of a twist that you just might like. It all started when cops in Riviera Beach, Florida were responding to a burglary […]

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Fighting #4

Dog Fighting Ring Busted!

In an act of sheer compassion and bravery, the Police Department in Huntersville, North Carolina and the ASPCA rescued and saved 23 Pit Bulls used for dog fighting.  The dogs were living in filth and were clearly malnourished and neglected.  Restricted by heavy chains around their necks, the dogs had bite marks and scars as […]

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