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Deaf Pit Bull Found Covered In Cigarette Burns Finds New Lease On Life

We hate stories of animal abuse just as much as you do – it makes us all sick to our stomachs. How can anyone want to hurt a sweet animal? Especially a dog! Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality that does happen. But thankfully – this story has a happy ending! A sweet dog named Azog […]

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Puppy Dumped At Shelter Because She Was Born A Little Different

A sweet and adorable white puppy dog was dropped off at a shelter in southern California because she was born a bit different than “normal” dogs. You won’t believe why. The precious pup is named Clementine and she was born with a deformed front paw. It caused her foot to curl up into her leg. Usually […]

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Pit Bull Severely Abused Meets Human Soulmate Who Can Relate All Too Well – SO Touching!

We cannot comprehend how anyone on earth would ever want to hurt a harmless and sweet animal. But it’s a sad reality and this poor girl endured some of the worst. Another sad reality is that it happens to humans too. Abusers want their victims to hurt, suffer and keep them feeling worthless. Like no […]

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Pit Bull Puppy Nursed By New Mama – A Cat

A tiny abandoned Pit Bull was dropped off at a shelter in Ohio. It was far too young to have left it’s mother and still needed to be nursed. The staff knew that bottle feeding alone would be very time consuming since the pup needs to eat quite often. So they got creative. The staff […]

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Pit Bull Desperate For Survival Takes Herself To Fire Station

A very sick and weak Pit Bull was wandering the streets in search for help. She knew she didn’t have much longer and needed to find someplace fast. We all know how intelligent dogs are – this one, named Sistine, is no exception. She somehow managed to come to a fire station in town. Her […]

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Hope's Puppies #2

3 Weeks Of Hope

We continue with our story of Hope and her six male puppies rescued from the streets of Los Angeles.  Now at 3 weeks old, the puppies are progressively gaining weight but are still a little wobbly on their feet tumbling and stumbling around their whelping box. Their mother, Hope, although, continuing to leave her malnourished body […]

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Hope Pic #1

Hope For 6 Pit Bull Puppies!

Hope, a female Pit Bull rescued from the dangerous streets of Los Angeles, is safe but still seriously underweight and trying her best to care for her 6 male puppies.  She’s one of the lucky ones.  Approximately 200 Pit Bulls are euthanized every day in LA. In a previous article, we tracked Hope’s chance of […]

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7 Signs To Watch For In Your Dog – They Could Be In Pain

No one wants their beloved dog to be in pain. But since dogs can’t talk – you might not know when they are hurting. Here are seven signs and symptoms to watch for to keep your dog pain-free. The signs below can save your pooch a lot of suffering. Keep an eye out for these […]

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Abandoned Week Old Puppy Was Found In The Strangest Of Places!

The Big Brother Big Sisters Foundation is a wonderful non-profit; accepting donations to help give to those in need. The worker at Walmart, which was a drop off site for donations, found a surprise of a lifetime! His name is Shaun Derienzo – and he thought something was a little off when he opened the […]

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How To Make Life Better For Your Aging Dog

How To Make Life Better For Your Aging Dog

If you are an owner of a dog who’s getting old, you don’t want to see them suffer. It’s our job to make sure they live a happy and comfortable life. It’s true when they say that no one can beat a dog’s loyalty! They have always been there for us in both good times and […]

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