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Sweet Family Pit Bull Stolen, Finally Comes Home 2 Years Later!

When I was little I had a dog named Lucy. She was my best friend and followed me everywhere. She also loved all people and was the official greeter of our neighborhood. One Halloween Lucy got out and followed some trick or treaters that had come to our door. We thought this because she was […]

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Family Steps Up For Paralyzed Puppy No One Wanted

There are many things in this world that are so sad to see. There are homeless people, abused dogs, car accidents and all kinds of terrible things happening all the time. If there’s one thing these events teach us it’s that when it comes to tough times our spirits take over and keep us going. […]

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Dog Insurance Wish

This Dog Owner Is WISHING He Bought Dog Insurance!

Everyone has had this thought at least once – “Is it REALLY necessary to get insurance for my pet?” Sure – if nothing goes wrong you might think you wasted your money. But – what if something DOES go wrong? There’s one thing for certain and that’s that we can’t predict the future. And after […]

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This Dog Wants to Be Rescued So Bad But Can’t Move!!!

So we’ve all seen the super sad animal shelter commercials right? The ones with the even sadder music playing while we look at the faces of abandoned dogs. While we sit there and cry into our dinners wishing we could help, you have to admit it’s effective! It always makes me want to run out […]

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Pit Bull Puppy Left To Die In Negative Temperatures!!

You hear about adorable puppies and the people who abandon them all to often right? Maybe they are people who either weren’t responsible to have their dogs fixed and ended up with an unwanted litter, or didn’t realize how much work dogs are, or maybe they are just terrible people. There are many reasons dogs […]

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Firefighters Put Out Fire And Discover Gruesome Scene Of This Poor Pit Bull!!

My husband always unplugs our toaster oven and coffee maker and anything else he thinks might start a fire while we are away from the house. He does this for many reasons but the main one? We have dogs. That’s right, dogs. The fear of accidentally burning the house down while our most precious and […]

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Neglected Puppy Surrounded By Vultures Waiting For Her To Die Is Saved

It can be said that animals are a very intuitive type of being. They can sense our fear, our happiness, our sadness. This seems to be particularly true for dogs. Other animals even of different species are attuned to each other. They have basic instincts that we as humans let our consciousness get in the […]

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Puppy Was Adopted By An Unexpected Mom After Almost Being Eaten!!!

We know a mother’s instinct is something in nature that is unexplainable and has no competition for fierceness of love. We see it all the time, a mom who knows before it happens that her kid will stumble and fall. She watches out for us and protects us from the world and the elements. She […]

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Person Heartlessly Dumps Pit Bull Puppy On The Street And Drives Away

People get puppies for all kinds of reasons. Family pets, home security, a Christmas present for the kids, to help with loneliness, really anytime one feels the need for a companion. Puppies grow into dogs who are some of the most loyal creatures we know. So when you get a puppy the expectation is you […]

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Pit Bull Once Chained To Junky Car Now Freed And Gets A Fitting Name

An animal rescue organization called Animal Rescue Corps made an extremely disturbing discovery last week. They arrived at an abandoned property littered with trash, junk, and old cars to find over 20 helpless dogs. All of the dogs were tethered to posts or tied to the old rusting junky cars. They were heartbroken to find […]

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