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Why Do Dogs Paw And Scratch At Their Beds?

Before bedtime, many of us have a certain routine with specific rituals that we like to follow. Maybe it’s washing your face, brushing your teeth, or having a hot cup of tea. Well, as it turns out, dogs have their bedtime rituals too. As a dog owner, you’ve most likely seen your dog pawing, sniffing, […]

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6 Ways Your Pit Bull Dog Can Make You Healthier

We love our pit bull dogs and now you have even more reasons to show the love. Our pets can actually make us live longer, more active lives. Did you ever think your pit bull dog could do that? Check out these seven ways your pit bull dog can make you a healthier and happier […]

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HORRIBLY Abused Dog Treated To The Best Day Ever!

There are a lot of bad people in this world who do some pretty terrible things. And we don’t know exactly why they do them for the most part which makes it even more scary. These people are cruel at heart and seem to be incapable of caring for anything but themselves. These are the […]

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Town Comes Together To Help Pit Bull Puppy Who Needs Surgery

We all can see on the news and in the papers that this world is getting tougher sand tougher every day. People are sad and hurtful towards each other. Even for those who seem to have it all and come from the right background and place it can be tough. So can you even imagine […]

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Pit Bull Wakes Owners To Save 2 Fighting Dogs Forced To Brawl To Death

Dogs are great friends, companions, and all around the perfect company to have. I take my dog with me everywhere and everywhere we go he has to say hi to everyone and every other dog he sees. That’s because dogs are social animals, they are also very instinctual and always on high alert! I know […]

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10 Things Dog Parents Do That Drive Vets CRAZY!

Being a parent – whether it’s to a human OR a fur baby of any kind – can be a little crazy making. Let’s face it, we love our babies and would do anything for them. Even take things to the extreme. A recent survey was conducted with veterinarians (done by Trupanion) asking them what […]

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Homeless Man In Tears As Stranger Pays Bill For Sick Dog Who Needed A Life-Saving Treatment!

It seems like every day when you wake up to turn on the news – it’s another heartbreaking story of humanity. Cruelty, sadness, deaths, it just never stops. Luckily – there IS a ton of good in this world. The story you’re about to hear is one of selflessness, love and generosity. Get ready to […]

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Pit Bull’s Journey From Emaciated & Unwanted To Healthy And Loved, Will Make You Cry!

A man named Andy Mills is someone that you should forever hold in your heart. What he did for a sweet Pit Bull who was in grave danger is absolutely astounding. Last fall – an extremely neglected dog showed up at his house. Her ears had been horrifically cropped, she had gravel in her stool […]

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Midwest Town Makes It Illegal To Chain Your Dog!

Dog lovers rejoice! A U.S. Midwest town has passed a bill that will help save dogs lives across the area. Hopefully this will set a trend across the entire United States! City Council in Springfield, Missouri has just recently passed a bill making it illegal to have dogs tied up for hours on end. In […]

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Pit Bull Pup Rescued In A Shed Engulfed By Flames Is Now Saving Lives Too

We all face scary things every day and it’s just something we all live with. And as you get older you come to face the fact it’s a part of life right? Then there are those people who see danger and terrible things and go into them head on. They are the brave men and […]

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