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They Rescued An Adorable Pit Bull Mix, Then Noticed He Could Barely See Or Breathe

Right off the bat, odds were stocked against Toby, a sweet Pit bull mix who used to live in the mean streets of South Carolina. At a tender age of 6 months, Toby is the recipient of life-threatening injuries: a damaged eye, crushed nasal passages and missing teeth. As if his injuries weren’t bad enough, he […]

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Shelter Pit Bull Becomes Comfort Dog To Cancer Patients At Treatment Center

Mandy Weikert thought she would never fall in love with another dog again. When her dog passed, she was convinced that she will never have that same connection again. Therefore, when she drove to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, she was terrified to go in. But then something caught her attention—one of the happiest Pit bulls […]

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Woman Hears Knocking On Her Door, Finds Teen And Injured Dog

An injured dog escapes death, thanks to a compassionate teenager. He took the time to help the distressed dog while on his way to school. Fifteen-year-old Eugene Drain was walking to school when he found a badly injured Pit bull in the streets. Thankfully, he knows exactly where to go. One of their neighbors, Linnie […]

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Internet Applauds Polite Puppy Who Tried To Clean Up Own Pee With Toilet Paper

A Pit bull puppy earns the respect and adoration of people all over the world. How? By trying to clean up after his own pee! Dogs are black belts at creating a mess, but a great deal of them have no idea how to fix their mess. Therefore, dog shaming is such a popular today. […]

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Officers Love And Comfort Terrified Pit Bulls Abandoned On Street

These terrified Pit bulls feel love, care and safety after they were abandoned by their former owner. Three police officers provided them the warmth that they so badly needed. Patrick Hennessey of Orange County, Florida was on his way to work at the crack dawn when he noticed two Pit bulls in the street. They […]

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Sick Man Abusing Pet Dog On Train Gets What He Deserves

Most of us treat our pet dog like family. They are just as valuable and loved as other members. Perhaps the only thing that sets them apart is that they have four legs. Unfortunately, not everyone who gets their hands on a pet dog cherish them like treasure. 22-year-old Killean Milledge sure doesn’t. Thanks to […]

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