Camera Catches Frantic Moment Of Woman With Her Dogs In An Elevator!

When I first watched this video on the next page, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Here we have a girl named Tamara who was with her two dogs inside an elevator, when all of a sudden, panic sets in.

Amazingly – the woman is quick to react. There should be no judgement while watching because sometimes accidents can happen and she clearly did not WANT this to happen.

The important thing is the dog is safe and she learned her lesson to be extra careful next time! And also be constantly aware of your dog’s leash when entering through ANY type of door – whether it be a revolving door, elevator or a car!

The dog in the video on the next page is named Vado and I’m sure he was terrified as well. We can ALL learn a lesson after watching this video – BE CAREFUL!!

Continue on the next page to watch this incredible footage! You’ll be biting your nails – but don’t worry it all ends well!

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