Pit Bull Helps Mom Foster Kittens So She Did Something Very Special For His Birthday

Three and a half years ago, Sarah Myers adopted a Pit bull named Boyd. She did not realize just how much Boyd would change her life!

When she saw Boyd at his kennel, she knew instantly that she was going to take him home.

“My heart absolutely melted and tears formed when I saw him in his kennel,” Myers says. “He was visibly shaking, scared to death and a bit too skinny. I knelt down, told him I loved him, and then rest is history! Hands down, best decision of my life.”

Before adopting Boyd, Myers was going through some sort of existential crisis. She had a boyfriend and job she loved but felt like something was missing.

As it turns out, Boyd was that missing piece. Ever since he came into her life, she gave her a purpose that’s beyond herself. She came out of her crisis and found her passion for helping animals.

Myers spends a lot of time helping dogs AND cats find the kind of connection that she and Boyd found in each other. She wants to help shelter animals find a home they can call their own.

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