‘’Bad Dog’’ Dumped At Shelter Smells Grass For The First Time After 196 Days!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again— there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Your dog is a reflection of you as a person.

Dogs are a lifetime commitment. If you want a dog, you have to think long term. Don’t get a dog simply because they are cute as puppies.

Think about how big they are going to get. Research their behavior and temperament. Ensure that they suit your lifestyle. If you have other pets, how do you make sure that they get along?

An alleged bad dog named Ginger was dumped at the shelter. According to her family, she didn’t get along with their other dog. They were sure Ginger was the problem.

Initially, Ginger was happy at the shelter. She thought they would eventually come back to get her…but they didn’t. Turn to the next page for more.

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