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Abused Pit Bull Puppies Comfort Each Other In The Vet’s Office

Three amazing and adorable Pit Bull puppies were recently rescued from a very abusive and neglectful home. Their names are Chase, Haagen Dazs and Klondike – and they were only 4 months old when rescued. A majority of their short lives had been spent being very sick and extremely weak. Their owner was recently charged […]

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This Pit Bull Sprung To Action As Coyotes Had Family Cat By The Neck

People might as well do away with any negative stereotypes about Pit Bulls. Because this is yet another story of a pit bull dog becoming a true hero. The sweet dogs name is Jack and he is a rescue dog. He also happens to live with a rescue cat named Kitty.  Now, you might immediately assume […]

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Fighting #4

Dog Fighting Ring Busted!

In an act of sheer compassion and bravery, the Police Department in Huntersville, North Carolina and the ASPCA rescued and saved 23 Pit Bulls used for dog fighting.  The dogs were living in filth and were clearly malnourished and neglected.  Restricted by heavy chains around their necks, the dogs had bite marks and scars as […]

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Heroic Puppy Leads Lost Pit Bull Back To His Owners In Beautiful Rescue!

Meet Prince, not the artist formally known but the dog. Prince is one of the cutest Pit Bulls you’ll ever meet. The good people at No Kill Kern were on the lookout for Prince. They had gotten reports of a dog wearing a collar, striding aimlessly and lost across a neighborhood. Obviously, he was a […]

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friendly pit bull gsd

Friendly Pit Bull Rescues Another Dog From Starvation

A friendly Pit bull rescued a terrified German Shepherd from imminent starvation and death. The latter was so afraid she was running away from rescuers and the help that she needed. No Kill Kern once more sparks up the headlines with a harrowing feat of Samaritanism. This animal rescue operation has been getting a lot […]

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rescue pit bull

Rescue Pit Bull Enjoys Beach For The First Time

A rescue Pit bull could not be happier as he experiences beach for the first time. Perhaps, this may also be the first time that he’s actually living life. There is nothing better in the world than the feel of a cool Budweiser in your hand, the sting of a light breeze against your cheek, […]

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Traumatized Dog Can’t Stop Staring At The Wall

A heavily traumatized dog refuses to look at anyone when he arrived at the shelter. Instead, he faces the wall to make himself feel safe! Tammy Graves, founder of The founder of a pet rescue organization The Haley Graves Foundation, was visiting a shelter when a sight broke her heart. A traumatized dog, frozen in a […]

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funny pit bull mattress

Funny Pit Bull Decides To Live INSIDE A Mattress & Refuses To Come Out

This funny Pit bull sure has sense of humor. He decided that he prefers to dwell inside the mattress instead of on it. Dog logic, for the win. Like that gruesome scene from “Alien,” the chest burster fighting against the ribcage, splat, followed by a mountain of gore, screams, squishy bits and blood… Fountains of […]

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Emaciated Dog Found Tied To Tree Of Abandoned Home, No Food Or Shelter

Emaciated Dog Found Tied To Tree Of Abandoned Home, No Food Or Shelter

An emaciated dog was heartlessly left tied to a tree without even the most basic necessities to keep him nourished and to protect him from the elements. Worst of all, there were no people around as the home was abandoned. It has become a common problem and a constant headline of late; the dramatic circumstances […]

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American Bulldog and Chihuahua

Chihuahua Uses American Bulldog’s Tail As Chew Toy – EXTREME Cuteness Ensues!

There’s something about watching a big dog play with an itty bitty dog. Their interaction is so cute because of their extreme differences in size. The American Bulldog in the video on the next page has the sweetest interaction with a Chihuahua EVER. The Chihuahua breed is lovable for so many reasons. Not only are […]

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