Attention-Craving Dog Is SUPER Jealous Of iPad – TOO Funny!

Does your dog ever seem to become increasingly needy once you have company over? Or maybe if you’re just simply busy doing something else? Yeah – we know the feeling!

You know who else knows the feeling? Gemma the Pit Bull’s owners! We’ve featured Gemma the Pit Bull multiple times on our websites and we just can’t get enough of the cute girl.

The video you’re about to watch on the next page is another one of Gemma’s clips but this one takes the top of our list. She’s really exceeded her cuteness this time around. We think you’ll agree!

Gemma is hanging out on the floor with her tiny human baby brother. It’s clear that Gemma absolutely adores her baby brother and wants ALL his attention focused on her! But the baby is way too preoccupied with an iPad to pay attention to Gemma.

Continue to the next page to see how Gemma the Pittie forces her love upon her baby brother. She tries SO desperately to pull his attention away from the addictive iPad. It’s too cute!

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