Abused Pit Bull Bred Over A Dozen Times Finds Happy Ending

An abused Pit bull finds her happily after following an 8-year-long abused. Nana the Pit bull has suffered gravely in the hands of her former owner.

Animal abuse is wrong, and it’s hard to fully grasp the full extent of its horridness unless you’re out there on the field doing rescue. I can only imagine just how bad Nana’s condition was before she was rescued.

Her rescuers found out that she was bred over a dozen times in her 8 years of existence. She was never let out, she never saw the light of the day.

She also had infected ears from a botched ear-cropping job. Therefore, her ears had to be removed entirely. Now she’s an earless Pit bull but beautiful nonetheless.

Realistically speaking, dogs like Nana rarely make it out of the shelter. Senior dogs, let alone a Pit bull who was abused for as long as she’s been alive, are the first in line to get put down to make way for incoming dogs.

But the universe smiled down on Nana and sent an angel to end her misery. That angel was  her mom.

Turn to the next page to see how someone turned Nana’s life around. No more reckless breeding, no more pain for this abused Pit bull.

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