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We at A Place for Pitbulls, love Pitbulls and are on a quest to deliver fun facts, news, health as well as a silly clip to every Pitbull lover. From photos, short articles, or videos, we at A Place for Pitbulls, only deliver the most reliable, factual and clever pitbulls news to our visitors. We know that the Pitbull is a misunderstood breed, a breed that is more often than not judged by its appearance, instead of the demeaned. Join us on our quest to see just how silly, clever and loving Pitbulls can be.

A Place for Pitbulls is your one-stop hub for reliable Pitbull content. From Pitbull news and health to inspirational articles and comical videos, our team of experts have you covered for everything Pitbull. Did you know the Pitbull was bread and trained to hunt large game? At A Place for Pitbulls, we will provide you with great training tips to turn your Pitbull’s genetic traits to present day endeavors.

At A place for Pitbulls, we don’t just know about Pitbulls we are Pitbull experts. Our team of experts are individuals that have owned, trained or medically practiced with the Pitbull breed. Our background of expertise allows us to cut out the “fluff” and provide you with 100% clear cut Pitbull information.  A Place for Pitbulls is just the site you have been looking for. We hope you enjoy our site!