Rescue Pit Bull Saves Mom From Carjacker

A woman was being beaten and dragged across the street at 11 pm one Wednesday night recently.  Her neighbors’ dog heard her screams and couldn’t hold back.  Blitz, a 2-year-old Pit Bull owned by a neighbor, ran out the door and scared the attacker away with his growls.

“I heard this poor woman screaming ‘Help me, help me repeatedly’.” recalled the neighbor.  “I opened my front door and Blitz just went racing past me.  I could see this man dragging a woman towards his car.  I’m still shaken.  He had her near his car.  I can’t even think about what could have happened.”

Blitz didn’t have to bite the attacker, his 100-plus pound presence was enough to scare the man into loosening his grip allowing the woman to run away and hide with Blitz and his owner in their home until the police arrived.  It turns out that the attacker was Steve Schumacker, the estranged husband of the woman he was attacking.

“He’ll protect us if he needs to, but he’s a great family dog.”  cited Blitz’s owner.  “He’s a great house pet. He’s great with the kids.  I’m so proud of him.”

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