Puppy Was Adopted By An Unexpected Mom After Almost Being Eaten!!!

We know a mother’s instinct is something in nature that is unexplainable and has no competition for fierceness of love. We see it all the time, a mom who knows before it happens that her kid will stumble and fall.

She watches out for us and protects us from the world and the elements. She is our guardian and the one who brought us into this world. So we trust her to do right by us and take care of us.

Sometimes though even a mother can have her faults. Can have issues and problems and it has nothing to do with us. In one case a mother dog gave birth to 4 little puppies. 4 puppies who were in her care and needed her to survive.

For unknown reasons this mother decided she couldn’t care for them and decided to eat them instead. This is how Nicolas lost 3 of his siblings before he was even a few days old. And he himself did not escape untouched.

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