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They Rescued An Adorable Pit Bull Mix, Then Noticed He Could Barely See Or Breathe

Right off the bat, odds were stocked against Toby, a sweet Pit bull mix who used to live in the mean streets of South Carolina. At a tender age of 6 months, Toby is the recipient of life-threatening injuries: a damaged eye, crushed nasal passages and missing teeth. As if his injuries weren’t bad enough, he […]

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Dog Sat On Curb In Freezing Cold, Waiting For Family Who Are Never Coming Back

Some people are downright unbelievable. I get that shelters exist because there are people who genuinely could not care for their dogs anymore. BUT other times, people are just jerks. As a dog lover and owner, I don’t get how so many dogs end up shelter every year. I love my dogs to the moon […]

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Doting Dog Gives Baby The Craziest Laugh Attack!

A doting dog sends baby into a laughing fit which their parents couldn’t resist recording. They are, without a doubt, the best of friends. We love dogs for many reasons, one of which is that they make us laugh. They also make our other family members laugh, our friends laugh; basically everyone. You would have […]

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Friendly Pit Bull Walked Up To A Horse And Received An Unexpected Treat!

All it took was for this friendly Pit bull to walk up to a horse. And then voila, he receives an lovely surprise. This is cool! There are no prevalent stereotypes that surround the relationship between horses and dogs. However, that does not mean their relationship is not peculiar. Sure they are not against each […]

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Overprotective Pit Bull & Litter To Be Euthanized, Then Someone Took A Chance On Them

Can you imagine putting down animals just hours after they are born? The thought of it makes your heart sink, does it? But it is a fact. It’s a reality many shelter staff live with on a daily basis. They don’t like it one bit but it has to be done. That was the fate […]

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‘’Bad Dog’’ Dumped At Shelter Smells Grass For The First Time After 196 Days!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again— there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Your dog is a reflection of you as a person. Dogs are a lifetime commitment. If you want a dog, you have to think long term. Don’t get a dog simply because they are cute as puppies. […]

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Dog Abandoned At Parking Lot Is Now A Proud K9 Officer

A Pit bull who was abandoned at a grocery store parking lot is now saving lives, thanks to AFF (Austin Pets Alive!) and Universal K9′s Detection Dogs Program. There are a lot of challenges that comes with being a Pit bull. A lot of people fear them for their muscular build and looks. It doesn’t help that some […]

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Shelter Pit Bull Becomes Comfort Dog To Cancer Patients At Treatment Center

Mandy Weikert thought she would never fall in love with another dog again. When her dog passed, she was convinced that she will never have that same connection again. Therefore, when she drove to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, she was terrified to go in. But then something caught her attention—one of the happiest Pit bulls […]

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Woman Hears Knocking On Her Door, Finds Teen And Injured Dog

An injured dog escapes death, thanks to a compassionate teenager. He took the time to help the distressed dog while on his way to school. Fifteen-year-old Eugene Drain was walking to school when he found a badly injured Pit bull in the streets. Thankfully, he knows exactly where to go. One of their neighbors, Linnie […]

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Internet Applauds Polite Puppy Who Tried To Clean Up Own Pee With Toilet Paper

A Pit bull puppy earns the respect and adoration of people all over the world. How? By trying to clean up after his own pee! Dogs are black belts at creating a mess, but a great deal of them have no idea how to fix their mess. Therefore, dog shaming is such a popular today. […]

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