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Officers Love And Comfort Terrified Pit Bulls Abandoned On Street

These terrified Pit bulls feel love, care and safety after they were abandoned by their former owner. Three police officers provided them the warmth that they so badly needed. Patrick Hennessey of Orange County, Florida was on his way to work at the crack dawn when he noticed two Pit bulls in the street. They […]

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dog abuse

Sick Man Abusing Pet Dog On Train Gets What He Deserves

Most of us treat our pet dog like family. They are just as valuable and loved as other members. Perhaps the only thing that sets them apart is that they have four legs. Unfortunately, not everyone who gets their hands on a pet dog cherish them like treasure. 22-year-old Killean Milledge sure doesn’t. Thanks to […]

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Deaf Puppy Abandoned After Suffering From THOUSANDS Of Bee Stings

As if being a deaf puppy isn’t bad enough, this unhearing Pit bull puppy is really down on his luck after getting abandoned. Why? Because he got stung by BEES. And by bees, I don’t mean five or ten bees. The poor pup fell victim to THOUSANDS of bee stings! Ironically named Stinger, the 10-month-old […]

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Adorable Pit Bull Wants To Make Friends With Her Mirror Reflection

An adorable Pit bull will surely crack you up with her desire make friends with her own reflection. She doesn’t seem to know better. Or does she? Maybe she just really loves the sight of herself staring back at her. We, humans, also have the tendency to stare at ourselves in the mirror. It is also […]

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Heroic Puppy Leads Lost Pit Bull Back To His Owners In Beautiful Rescue!

Meet Prince, not the artist formally known but the dog. Prince is one of the cutest Pit Bulls you’ll ever meet. The good people at No Kill Kern were on the lookout for Prince. They had gotten reports of a dog wearing a collar, striding aimlessly and lost across a neighborhood. Obviously, he was a […]

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friendly pit bull gsd

Friendly Pit Bull Rescues Another Dog From Starvation

A friendly Pit bull rescued a terrified German Shepherd from imminent starvation and death. The latter was so afraid she was running away from rescuers and the help that she needed. No Kill Kern once more sparks up the headlines with a harrowing feat of Samaritanism. This animal rescue operation has been getting a lot […]

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Rescue Pit Bull Enjoys Beach For The First Time

A rescue Pit bull could not be happier as he experiences beach for the first time. Perhaps, this may also be the first time that he’s actually living life. There is nothing better in the world than the feel of a cool Budweiser in your hand, the sting of a light breeze against your cheek, […]

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