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One Tiny Puppy VS One VERY Big Pitbull In Tug Of War. CUTE!

We adopted our rescue pit from a high kill shelter one year during the holidays. He’s his own special type of dog and despite rumors he is the sweetest. Someone had dumped him off in a ditch as a puppy leaving him to die when he was picked up by the pound. People had said […]

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Cutest Pitbull Pup Finds Hilarious Entertainment – SEE What!!

Certainly as kids but evens as adults too everyone gets bored sometimes. Maybe there’s nothing on TV or you have no more trashy magazines to read but it happens. Whatever the reason you sit around sighing saying “ugh I’m so boooorrreeeeeed.” You know exactly what I’m talking about, everyone has been there at some point […]

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Pit Bull Gets Adorable New Kitty Sibling And It’s Amazing

When my parents first sat me down and told me that I would be getting a brand new kid brother I definitely had mixed emotions. But that’s probably normal considering I was 5. I had all kinds of different thoughts at first. Well why? Why do they need another one when they have me? I’ll […]

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