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Meet a Pit Bull named Will Sniff – The True “Fresh Pup Of Bel Air!”

Everyone knows the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – when it comes on the TV you can’t help but sing along. Everyone seems to know all the words. But this? Next level! Some amazing people, including James Avery who played Uncle Phil on the actual show, decided to make a parody […]

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Parents Touched When Pit Bull Welcomes New Baby Into The Family

We have a Pit Bull mix we rescued from a high-kill shelter when he was 6 months old. He was dumped off in a ditch like garbage. When people meet him they sometimes look a little scared of him. Like just because he has a Pit Bull face he must be a monster. Something that […]

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Wary Stray Dog Living Off Scrap Food Opens Heart To Rescuers

We used to live in an apartment complex out in the middle of nowhere Oregon. These places can be huge and there are lots of spots for lost animals to make a home. There was just such a puppy at our apartments. He was a stray or a run away who found himself at our […]

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This Dog Wants to Be Rescued So Bad But Can’t Move!!!

So we’ve all seen the super sad animal shelter commercials right? The ones with the even sadder music playing while we look at the faces of abandoned dogs. While we sit there and cry into our dinners wishing we could help, you have to admit it’s effective! It always makes me want to run out […]

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SEE French Photographer Fight Pit Bull Stereotypes In The CUTEST Way!!!!

You hear a lot of bad, mean things in the news these days about dog attacks and fighting rings. The stories usually focus on a few specific breeds of dogs talking only about how scary and horrible they are. Let’s be real,  people usually stick our friend the Pit Bull at the top of this list. […]

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Pit Bull Puppy Left To Die In Negative Temperatures!!

You hear about adorable puppies and the people who abandon them all to often right? Maybe they are people who either weren’t responsible to have their dogs fixed and ended up with an unwanted litter, or didn’t realize how much work dogs are, or maybe they are just terrible people. There are many reasons dogs […]

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Adorable Monkey and Sweet Pit Bull Are Best Friends! And It’s ADORABLE!

Who doesn’t love seeing an interspecies friendship?! Nothing’s cuter than a kitty and a dog becoming BFFs. Or maybe a puppy and a pig! But the video on the next page? Next level cuteness! Apparently the very lucky owners of the Pit Bull and Capuchin monkey duo say these two fur babies are the best […]

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Firefighters Put Out Fire And Discover Gruesome Scene Of This Poor Pit Bull!!

My husband always unplugs our toaster oven and coffee maker and anything else he thinks might start a fire while we are away from the house. He does this for many reasons but the main one? We have dogs. That’s right, dogs. The fear of accidentally burning the house down while our most precious and […]

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dad waits

This Dad Is Waiting Outside the Delivery Room. But When The Door Opens All Puppy Lovers Heart Will Melt!

A hilarious surprise and ensuing chaos awaits. It’s one of those videos that is just too great not to share with everyone you know. This Electrabel commercial is supposed to demonstrate the importance of electricity in our lives by showing how convenient and useful appliances are for raising a family. As a dog lover, this is one of the best commercials I’ve ever […]

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Neglected Puppy Surrounded By Vultures Waiting For Her To Die Is Saved

It can be said that animals are a very intuitive type of being. They can sense our fear, our happiness, our sadness. This seems to be particularly true for dogs. Other animals even of different species are attuned to each other. They have basic instincts that we as humans let our consciousness get in the […]

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