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pit bull dog gets love for the first time

Abused Pit Bull Dog Gets Love For The First Time!

This story will warm your heart and break it at the same time.  This beautiful Pit Bull was rescued from a dog fighting ring and placed in a shelter. You can see the scars on his body.  It is so sad.  At least he is safe now and now this pit bull dog gets love for […]

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Babies and Pits

Pit Bulls And Babies – Lots Of Love And Kisses!

This is not what you expect from a video of Pit Bulls and babies.  The stereotype most people would think to see is Pit Bulls chained and growling as frightened little babies cry.  But not these Pit Bulls and not Pit Bulls raised in loving, caring homes.   These babies are having fun playing with […]

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6 Pit Bulls #1

Little Girl Is Boss of 6 Male Pit Bulls!

This little girl is incredible!   Not only is she not afraid of these big dogs, she has 6 males all literally eating out of her hand!   She is in complete control of them.  It is feeding time in her home of 6 Pit Bulls and I even saw a few other littler ones […]

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Hulk #1

Super-Sized Pit Bull And Toddler Are Best Friends!

At a 150-acre farm in New Hampshire, USA a family raises these massive Pit Bulls for billionaires, high-profile celebrities, law enforcement and federal agencies all over the world.  However, their family Pit Bull and stud is a 175 giant named “The Hulk” who lets their toddler ride “horsey” on his back. “He could snap your […]

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Afraid Of Pit Bulls? Not these People Anymore After Meeting Pit Bulls For The First Time

“You are cute!” exclaims one girl who was brought to a park to meet Pit Bulls for the first time.  “I thought they would have scary teeth and be guard dogs.” Four people who admitted to being afraid of Pit Bulls were brought to a park and introduced to two Pit Bulls.  Their opinions were […]

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Funny Videos #1

This Funny Pit Bull Compilation Will Make You Laugh Your Butt Off

Pit Bulls can be silly little critters just like every other dog.  They are happy, playful and hilarious as you will see soon. They are adorable little puppies having their first experience with going down stairs!  So cute!  They love to play in the snow and spin around!  There’s a funny Pit Bull who wants […]

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Pups Abandoned After Birth For “Not Turning Out Right”

This is going to make your jaw drop – the second we read this story, we were stunned. How anyone can treat dogs like this is appalling and horrible. Thank goodness there ARE good people out there. There are millions of dogs that are in shelters today that would give anything for a safe and […]

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Sweet Pit Bull Gives Baby Bunny A Bath – And It’s CRAZY Cute!

We should all know by now that Pit Bulls are one of the kindest and sweetest breeds around. Just add this video on the next page to a long list of proof! The video on the next page has been around for a while but it never gets old – this is timeless adorableness people! […]

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Two-Legged Pit Bull Gets Puppy Brother And The Love Is Out Of Control!

Here’s a fair warning before watching the video on the next page – you might keel over from way too much cuteness. Not even kidding. It’s so cute! A dog named Fifty is missing a front and a back leg. He lost his legs when he was shot by a police officer just for being a […]

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Pit Bull’s Paw Stuck In Fence – Her Boyfriend Won’t Leave Her Side

This is a heart melting story of devotion and loyalty between two dogs. The love between these Pit Bulls is truly amazing and something we can all learn from. Their names are Zeus and Athena – as if their names weren’t adorable enough, wait until you read the rest of this story. You’re going to […]

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