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Lonely Shelter Dog Waits With His Only Friend, His Bucket, Hoping To Find Someone To Love Him Forever

Slim, a Pit Bull-Terrier mix, has been waiting in a shelter for 10 long months to find his forever home.  We know where he was found.  We know how sick and neglected he was. We know he’s better and is a wonderful guy, but we will never know his real story.  How did he end […]

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2013 Dog Awards

Incredible Dog Wins 2013 Hero Dog Award!

Defying all the stereotypes of Pit Bull’s, Elle, won the 2013 American Hero Dog Award for her gentle loving personality that, according to Hero Dog Judges, teaches respect and acceptance.  Her touching story will show how sweet these dogs can be. Elle’s journey as the top therapy dog began at a retirement home where often residents […]

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2014 Hero Dog #1

2014 Hero Dog Winner! Get Ready For 2015!

With the fifth American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards airing Friday, October 30th on the Hallmark Channel, we thought it would be appropriate to revisit the winner from 2014, Susie, a Pit Bull. Here’s her story and how she changed not just one person’s life, but many lives, including all animals  by changing the laws of […]

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Pit Bull Only Able To Crawl His Whole Life Walks For First Time After Surgery!

This amazing and inspiring Pit Bull, named Roscoe, was born with a debilitating condition that caused his toes to curl making it impossible to walk. Then a surgery changed his life forever! Roscoe always had to crawl before – or even be carried – because he just couldn’t stand up without it being assumingly painful. […]

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Champ #3

Pit Bull Saves Owner From Attacker!

We have all heard the stories of how mean and aggressive Pit Bulls can be.  Not true!  No bad dogs, just bad owners!  Well, this is an incredible story of a Pit Bull saving his owners’ life right in front of her home. A woman in Little Rock, Arkansas was outside her home cleaning up […]

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Frozen And Alone To Loved With Friends

Rescued from a cold garage, left alone and scavaging for food, Thor was not expected to survive the harsh winter. He was malnourished, filthy and scared. Although a puppy, he had not interacted with other dogs and was skittish and nervous around them. Yet rescued he was! Off in the van to a new life […]

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Pit Bull Has THE Best Reaction To Big Yard At New Home

Adopting a rescue dog of any kind is one of the most noble things you could possibly do. Giving a dog a life filled with love is priceless – every dog deserves that. The Pit Bull dog discussed today was recently rescued – it’s not mentioned how long he was in the shelter or for what […]

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Pit Bull Makes Baby Have Giggle Fit!

Nothing is cuter than the sound of a baby laughing hysterically. It’s so innocent and adorable – you can’t help but laugh too. But what happens when you add a cute Pit Bull to the mix?! That’s exactly what happens in the video on the next page. The lucky owners and parents of this insanely […]

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caged dogs

Rescued Pup Feels Grass Under Paws For First Time

We mentioned before about the puppy mill that was raided – over 100 dogs were rescued from being turned into meat! This is a wonderful story about one of those dogs. The precious pooch is named Pocket. It had been living a life of abuse, starvation, and was never let out of its cage to […]

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Pit Bull Desperate For Survival Takes Herself To Fire Station

A very sick and weak Pit Bull was wandering the streets in search for help. She knew she didn’t have much longer and needed to find someplace fast. We all know how intelligent dogs are – this one, named Sistine, is no exception. She somehow managed to come to a fire station in town. Her […]

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