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Owner Has Torn Pants – Dogs Couldn’t Look More Guilty

Dogs get into trouble. Dogs ruin really nice things. Puppies are basically walking paths of destruction. And these dogs? Just can’t hide the guilt on their faces. This video captures the greatest and guiltiest dogs I’ve seen on camera. Thank you 21st century for cameras on everyone’s phones! This owner comes home and excitedly greets […]

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Mama Pit Bull Runs Toward Rescuers – She Led Them To A Sight They Could NOT Believe!

We’ve talked before about the wonderful organization Hope For Paws. They are an absolutely fantastic organization that rescues dogs from all sorts of bad or undesirable situations. This story is no different! They received a call about a homeless Pit Bull giving birth underneath a house in Los Angeles. Of course they were on it. […]

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This Dog Lost Her Ears And Teeth – But Now She Has Safety, Love And A New Life!

This is a story of rescue that you won’t soon forget. The previous life of this Pit Bull is one of tragedy but thankfully – her life changed forever! This poor Pit Bull, named Nana, was found in absolutely horrific shape. Her poor tummy was stretched due to having about 15 litters. But that’s not the […]

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Hope Pic #1

Hope For 6 Pit Bull Puppies!

Hope, a female Pit Bull rescued from the dangerous streets of Los Angeles, is safe but still seriously underweight and trying her best to care for her 6 male puppies.  She’s one of the lucky ones.  Approximately 200 Pit Bulls are euthanized every day in LA. In a previous article, we tracked Hope’s chance of […]

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Landlord Is Doing Something Others Wouldn’t Dream Of Doing

If you own a Pit Bull – you are well aware how difficult it can be to find a place that will rent to you and your dog. The negative reputation of this sweet breed has made this task to be very difficult. One person is trying to change that. Her name is Kara Montalbano […]

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7 Signs To Watch For In Your Dog – They Could Be In Pain

No one wants their beloved dog to be in pain. But since dogs can’t talk – you might not know when they are hurting. Here are seven signs and symptoms to watch for to keep your dog pain-free. The signs below can save your pooch a lot of suffering. Keep an eye out for these […]

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Hope #6

Hope's Last Chance!

A staggering and heartbreaking number of Pit Bulls are euthanized in Los Angeles County every day – 200.  Being a Pit Bull on the streets of LA often spells certain death.  But meet Hope, a 3-year-old female Pit Bull surrendered by her owner along with her 6 puppies who intends to beat these horrific odds. […]

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Cruelty To Dog Gets National Attention!

In what has become a nation-wide call to attention to stop Animal Cruelty, a sweet Pit Bull was pulled back to life from the brink of death due to horrific abuse. Caitlyn was found by police officers in Charleston, South Carolina with electrical tape wound so tightly around her mouth she was not able to […]

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4-Pound Baby Left For Dead In The Trash – This Dog Changed Her Life Forever!

Sometimes we hear stories of people doing the most unimaginable and unthinkable things. Sometimes good and sometimes very bad. This is a story of both. Only – this hero is a dog. A dog was wandering around the streets of Bangkok, Thailand – sniffing around in the search of food or scraps. But instead of […]

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Abandoned Week Old Puppy Was Found In The Strangest Of Places!

The Big Brother Big Sisters Foundation is a wonderful non-profit; accepting donations to help give to those in need. The worker at Walmart, which was a drop off site for donations, found a surprise of a lifetime! His name is Shaun Derienzo – and he thought something was a little off when he opened the […]

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