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100 of the Greatest Pit bull Dog Names for Females & Males

Have you just purchased a new female or male pit bull? Are you having difficulties finding the perfect name for your new bundle of joy?  I know for me, coming up with a name for my little pittie dog was soo tough! It took forever because I didn’t have anything to reference to help me.  Well…if you […]

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The 10 Rarest Pit Bull Coat Colorations

We all know that there are several varieties within the Pit Bull breed overall, with different kinds of markings resulting from the rich, always surprising variety of canine genes. We’ve gathered the ten most unusual Pit Bull markings we could find, and present them here for you. Enjoy! #10. Blue Pit Bull. The Blue Pit Bull has a […]

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Pit bull Dogs

We at A Place For Pit Bulls think that every pit bull dog is beautiful both inside and out. The word beauty has many definitions, but we find the most beautiful pit bull dogs are those which are treated with love, care and respect. Although there are hundreds of beautiful pit bull dogs out there, […]

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The Down-low On the Pit bulldog American Breed – A Must See Clip!

American pit bulldogs as well as several other bully breeds have developed a bad rap, but research experts and respected veterinarian will tell you why. Check out this educational and fun clip of the American Pit bulldog breed, how this breeds bad rap started and what you should know about this historical breed of dog. […]

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Top 10 ins-and-outs as to why Pit bull dogs Are Awesome!

  Pit bull dogs can literally smile at you and brighten your day! With those big rolling lips and droopy tongue, it is impossible to look at a pit bull dog and not smile. Pit bull dogs are therapy to the soul as these dogs will do anything to put a smile on their owners faces, […]

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Top 10 of the World’s Cutest Pit bull Puppies

We at a place for pit bulls don’t have to tell you just how cute Pit bull Puppies can be. We must admit, however, these coming photos are unlike any Pit bull puppy you have ever seen! Take a look at our top 10 selections of the worlds cutest pit bull puppies. Have you seen […]

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Top 5 Factors You Need to Know to Adopt/Purchase a Healthy & Friendly Pit bull Dog

Do you want to add a new pit bull pet to the family? Are you looking for a companion for your exciting pet or for yourself? If you are, a pit bulldog breed is an excellent choice, but there are some factors you should know before you make your decision. Don’t be a victim of […]

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Abandoned Pit Bull's Rescue Story Tugs the Heartstrings

Abandoned Pit Bull's Rescue Story Tugs the Heartstrings

Be prepared to dry your eyes as you watch the story of this abandoned pit bull that was found living alone in an industrial area. The only way this lonely Pit bull was surviving was by the food brought to her by kind strangers, concerned for her well-being. Luckily for this Pit Bull, a kind rescue team […]

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Most Popular Pit bull dog Breed Types

Are you looking to add a pit bull breed to your family? If you are, you will want to know that most popular pit bull dog breed types. The majority of families these days are choosing one of three popular pit bull dog breed types. The three most popular pit bull dog breed types are; […]

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Top 10 Best Dog Food for Pit bull dogs

Are you allowing your pit bull dog to be the best dog he/she could be? A slender and athletic build, a shiny hair coat, healthy looking teeth and bounds of energy are all signs your dog is not simply living, but thriving. A Pit bull dog should receive proper amounts of vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, […]

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