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The Best Flea & Tick Treatments for Pit bull Dogs

As a pit bull owner, you know just how important it is to treat those pesky fleas and ticks. Although important, it can be difficult to find an effective as well as a safe treatment to be used year round. Treatment products can also be confusing as only a select few actually terminate all generations […]

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10 Dangerous Thanksgiving Foods to Pit bull Dogs – Dog Poisons

The traditional grand Thanksgiving dinner has come to an end, leaving you will over a week’s worth of leftovers to consume. Although it may be tempting, don’t make the mistake of giving any of these Thanksgiving left overs to your beloved dog. Your Pit bull may try to convince you he needs to share your […]

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Pit bull Tick Disease

Tick season, every pit bull owner prepares for it but no matter what you do those pesky ticks still latch on to your dog somehow. Did you know tick removal is not the only thing you should worry about with your pit bull? Not only can ticks drain blood from your pet but ticks can […]

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Life-threatening Genetic Pit bull Disease – Cerebellar Cortical Disintegration

Do you know where your Pit Bull came from? Pit bulls purchased from breeders, personal sales or pet stores could have sold you a Pit Bull with a deadly disease. Pit Bulls and Pit Bull related dogs can pass a neurological disorder from generation to generation, leading to death of brain cells and eventual death. […]

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The Truth About 10 Common Beliefs Regarding Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls are the most misunderstood breed of dog these days. If you listen, read or watch the media, I bet you have heard a lot of hype about so-called dangerous pit bulls.  The media is where all misconceptions start because individuals who work in the media will spin a story to make a big […]

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Best Quality Dog Food For Your Pit bulls

Pit  bulls were bred to survive off of anything, but do you really want your loving pit bull to eat just anything? Yea, didn’t think so. You want your pit bull to thrive, a reflection of perfect health. A healthy pit bull is all about what you feed them and your muscular breed of dog […]

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What is Your Favorite Pit bull Dog Coloration? – The Many Colors of the Pit bull

  We love our pit bulls and all the different colors they come in. Whether they are brown, tan, black or a mix of all three, they are still adorable. So what is your favorite pit bull dog coloration? We want to know! Comment and share your favorite pit bull dog color.

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Know Your Pit Bull Dog Types – 3 Standard Pit Bull Types

Did you know there is not just one type of Pit Bull? In fact, to call all types of Pit Bulls, ‘Pit Bulls’ would be like calling all Terrier dog breeds, ‘Terriers.’ Ever wonder why some Pit bulls are so big and some relative small? It’s because there are different types of breeds that fall […]

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Training Principles That Will Make or Break Your Pit Bull's Behavior

Pit Bulls are believed to be difficult to train, but in all reality, training your pit bull is not very different from training any other breed of dog. The only difference in pit bull training is the size of the dog. Pit Bulls, as well as other large dog breeds, which go untrained can become […]

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Family Doomed To lose beloved Pitbull Due to Village Ban

Family Doomed To lose beloved Pit bull dog Due to Village Ban

Moreauville, La has placed a ban against all Pit bulls and Rottweiler Dog breeds starting Dec. 1st. The ban enforces removal of all pit bulls as well as Rottweilers which includes therapy dog, Zeus. Zeus belongs to O’Hara Owens, a young girl restricted wear a halo brace and wheelchair due to a severe neck condition. […]

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