10 Things Dog Parents Do That Drive Vets CRAZY!

Being a parent – whether it’s to a human OR a fur baby of any kind – can be a little crazy making. Let’s face it, we love our babies and would do anything for them. Even take things to the extreme.

A recent survey was conducted with veterinarians (done by Trupanion) asking them what their biggest pet peeves were when it came to dog owners. You might be surprise at some of them and you might just be guilty of some as well!

To be honest – some of these might just seem like common sense but others might make you sit back and think “Hmm…I think I might have done this a time or two.”

So let’s start off with the #10 biggest pet peeve that veterinarians have when it comes to dog owners. Any guesses?!


#10 – Not Being Prepared for the Responsibility of Owning a Dog

Vets said that they come across people who were just not prepared for being a pet owner. Do your research before getting a pet: know the breed, know how much exercise they need or what they should eat. Knowledge is power, people!
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