10 Cutest Pit Bull Pictures Ever!

We found 10 of the most adorable pictures of Pit Bulls you will ever see.   They are actually scary because they are so cute, you’ll be afraid your heart will burst!

This beautiful breed comes in so many different shapes and sizes, it was hard to pick out only 10 photographs!  Maybe we will have to do a lot more sequels!  Maybe do a story of just Brindles or Red Pit Bulls.

These gentle pups are relaxing with the owners and babies just enjoying the love and companionship.  They don’t show any aggression or anger here!  I love the pictures with the babies!

It will be hard to pick out your favorite.  Let us know which one warms your heart the most.  The cute little baby waiting to take a bath with his faithful companion at his side?   The Pit Bull curled up with the baby keeping everyone warm and toasty?

I can’t imagine what it would be like to hold 6 little Pitties in my arm!  Too much cuteness in one spot.

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